OK it’s true we’ve been at it for over 30 years… we like working for non-profit organizations. Small budgets, small grants, large budgets, no budgets… we’ve seen it all. Call us crazy but we still like our designs to have deeper meaning and do more then sell products. Don’t get us wrong, we like selling products too, but a person’s work should also have meaning and do some good. We try our best to offer value because we want all of our clients to succeed. Whether non-profit or for profit we love solving design, communication and marketing problems by providing good graphics to that end.

What you get out of a relationship with us is attention to detail and your situation. We endeavor to offer design value for resources spent. Hey, you could do it yourself, many do, but that gets you just so far and eventually more needs to be done. That’s where we come in. We provide expertise in print, web, display, video, animation and strategic branding.

And here’s our self promotion line; Graphic design, art production, and video production created by Mercurio Associates has been responsible for our clients realizing significantly increased profits and donations. Yes, that’s true too. We’re here to help..